Affordable and Sustainable Packaging

Natural, biodegradable & sustainable food packaging solutions perform like plastic and offer a healthy and eco-friendly alternative

Product Variety and Low-Cost Customization

Unique product offering to satisfy food packaging needs with in-house design and dedicated team

Dependable & Steady Flowing Supply Chain

We have partnered with suppliers to make sure you get what you need on time and when you need it.

Marketing Services & Technology at finger tips

Our leading technology & digital marketing team brings expertise in boosting customer engagement and increasing customer sales.

Easy, Fast, & Custom Quote

Are you interested in knowing the price? Use our hassle-free and super
convenient system to get your custom quote.

Our Story

Econiaa was founded with a passionate purpose to create a healthy experience while saving our home planet. Our goal is to build the best yet cost effective, sustainable packaging solutions made from plant-based fiber.

We are making the future better for our families and home planet by building Zero Waste food packaging solutions.


  • What is plant-based fiber?
  • How is the plant-based fiber produced?
  • What are the benefits of the plant-based fiber?
  • What are the different uses of plant-based fiber?
  • How does the plant-based fiber compare to alternative packaging products?
  • Will plant-based fiber work for my needs, business or home?

All Family Products

  • 100% plant-based, naturally sustainable, renewable and compostable material.
  • Healthier and eco alternative to paper, plastic and foam disposables.

Anti-Leak Zume Products

  • Anti-leak containers with special groove locking system for spill resistant lock for liquid food deliveries.
  • Designed for extremely hot and oily foods.

Tree Free Bags

  • Carry items with twisted handles. Premium quality and made with ultra-durable Kraft Paper.
  • These bags are great for storing little items or cosmetics in them to use for spa bags, welcome packets, or for shopping.

What our customers
say about us?

“Econiaa has great eco-friendly and sustainable products, great prices, great quality and great customer service. They are very easy to work with. Instead of seeing what they offer in the catalog, you tell them what you need and what you are going to need in the future. That’s something very unique about Econiaa.”

Enzo P.

General Manager

“Econiaa is very easy to work with. They provide responsive communication, orders are timely, and always correct. It’s really fantastic that they bring affordability and sustainability together. We need a team like this in our community and they make a great sustainable team.”

Jennifer H.

Restaurant Owner


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