Experience the Excellence

From the farm fields, the unused part of crops to your plates.

Our end goal of Econiaa is to provide health friendly products to our customers and your end customers. Instead of putting carcinogenic plastic parts in your body, which comes from dangerous and harmful packaging solutions made of plastics, Econiaa decided to put the best ingredients instead. Our packaging products are made from nature that keep your health well and nature breathing better.

What We Do


  • A one-stop shop with assortment variety of plant-based products
  • Affordable and Low-cost prices
  • Personalization and customization for your brand


  • Plant-based Zero Waste product development
  • Innovative technology services to boost your customer engagement and sales
  • Best-in-class creative expertise from design to product development
  • Creating sustainable solutions to keep you healthy and planet clean


  • Marketing Services from custom design to printing
  • Digital Marketing Services from website development to social media
  • Product Customization, your vision comes to life


  • Community involvement to save our home planet
  • Educate community and share eco awareness information
  • Support localcause,non-profits and &empower youths

Our Core Values

Our Vision

Innovation at the forefront to save our home planet.

Our Mission

Food packaging as sustainable and healthy like clean air, for everyone.

Our Industry

Sustainable disposables sound like an oxymoron, but we live in a consumer culture where disposable products are ubiquitous.

And they aren’t going away any time soon.

We see this as an incredible opportunity to help change the world—and more importantly each of the local communities we serve—by making sustainable disposable products that shift an industry


We’re one of the most recognized and authentic brands in sustainable food service packaging.

As category leaders with an exclusive commitment to environmentally preferred packaging, we’re able to deliver benefits to our partners that are unavailable anywhere else on the market.

Leadership Team

Sahil P.


Econiaa Products, INDIA

” We are solving a big problem for 1 Billion people in India. Plastic consumption is a global environmental problem and we are bringing the best replacement of plastic products in food industry. Our products are plastic & toxic free. We are providing our customers exceptional eco friendly and sustainable products.”

Keyur P.


Econiaa LLC, USA

” We often don’t consider why food packaging is crucial for our health when we eat take-out food. Major health problems and cancers are found to be linked to harmful packaging. That is why we are focused on providing a natural, healthier, and eco-friendly alternative made from renewable resources with affordability in mind. “

Hemil P.

Head of Operations

Econiaa LLC & Econiaa Products

” We are a team of people focused on helping customers, suppliers and end users. For us sales is not number crunching game but it is more about providing value to create more impact. “

Corporate governance at Econiaa

Econiaa LLC & Econiaa Products and their suppliers together we create a larger whole! Econiaa LLC is headquartered in North Carolina, USA and Econiaa Products LLC is headquartered in Gujarat, INDIA with offices and opening more locations.