Marvel Plate

Eat anywhere and everywhere.

Perfect for picnics, parties and events.

Nova claimshell

Natural material makes it taste so good.

Perfect for restaurants or to-go.

Leafy Cutleries

Eat right with the best eco cutleries

Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Dip & Dunk

Dunk big with a natural taste.

Perfect for condiments & chutneys.

Ellipsi Take-Out Box

Keeping your fruits and veggies fresh.

Perfect for salads, fruits and leftovers.

Ornate Gourmet

Cool, stylish & a yummy bowl.

Perfect for parties, pot lucks and transferring food.

Optimus Bowl

Maximize your taste buds.

Perfect for events, catering, and family picnics.

Hawaiian Straw

Aloha! Sip and experience the beach.

Perfect for drinks, smoothies, & teas

Tree Free Bags

Eco shopping from mother nature.

Perfect for shopping & food delivery.